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Canvas Rebel

January 28, 2023

Miami's Community News

November 7, 2022

The Music Essentials

August 4, 2022

DJ Life Magazine

July 1, 2022
Perfect Hits Top 40  View

Big Celebrity

February 2, 2022


January 11, 2022

Ryze Up

December 15, 2021

Waxing Nostalgic

December 14, 2021

Nashville Trends

November 29, 2021

Latinos Unidos

September 1, 2021
Jumped to No. 10!  View

Starfleet Music Chart

September 1, 2021
Don't Give Me No hits Number 1!  View


August 12, 2021

Latinos Unidos

August 1, 2021


July 21, 2021
"Cameron's vocals who the nostalgia of Eurodance hits like "Strike It Up" (Black Box). The vibrant and sometimes atmospheric beats elevate her voice all the more and bring out the rouge and purple tones in her vocal delivery.  View

DJ Times

July 20, 2021

Celebrity Zones

July 7, 2021

Your Best Life

June 12, 2021

Josie Awards

May 17, 2021
3 Nominiations!  View

DJ Times

May 17, 2021
New Single Don't Give Me No added to the 'Most Added" on DJ Times.  View

Daily Pop News

May 16, 2021

Hollywood Digest

April 22, 2021

Cine Movie Review

April 14, 2021
Kim receives her first movie review for her movie Seaper Powers!  View

Hot Sounds in the City

April 11, 2021
Kim talks about her movie and music inspiration.  View

Starry Magazine

April 6, 2021
Kim talks about her new movie Seaper Powers  View

Blazing Minds

August 24, 2020
An Interview with Kim Cameron  View

Music Existence

May 16, 2020

Original Rock

May 1, 2020

Blazing Minds

April 20, 2020
Seaper Powers Sound Track from the Movie Seaper Powers releases ahead of the movie.  View

Hype Magazine

March 24, 2020


January 4, 2020

Blazing Minds

November 25, 2019

Starry Magazine

November 23, 2019

Hype Magazine

November 15, 2019
An super cool interview with Kim Cameron  View


October 20, 2019


September 16, 2019

CN People

August 21, 2019
Kim made the National Chinese Press!  View


August 21, 2019
Regional Chinese Press covered Kim at the Xiamen Music Festival in China.  View

Broadway News

August 9, 2019

Mass Pool Top 50 Chart

June 1, 2019
Didn't Know I was Fallin' breaks out in the top 20!  View

Las Vegas Screenplay

April 2, 2019
Her Story is a finalist in the Las Vegas Screenplay contest.  View

LA Music Critic

March 30, 2019
A review of Kim Cameron's newest album  View

Indie Music Channel

March 29, 2019
3 Nominations!  View

Starry Magazine

February 28, 2019
"I want people to have fun with [Carpe Musical]. Dance in the streets or while making dinner."  View

Neufur Magazine

February 27, 2019
Review of Fearless Lovers hits the stands  View


January 19, 2019

Imaginary Pages

January 12, 2019
An amazing review of Kim Cameron's latest book The Red Cap  View

Artist Spotlight

December 15, 2018

Starfleet Dance Chart

October 16, 2018
Share My Pillow hits #2  View

New York Screenplay Contest

September 26, 2018
Her Story, the musical written by Kim Cameron, wins the Finalist award.  View

Global Music Awards

September 25, 2018
Fearless Lovers picks up a Bronze!  View

DJ Times

September 15, 2018
Fearless Lovers breaks into the Top 40!  View

American Songwriting Award

July 3, 2018
Dancing in the Dark wins the American Songwriting Award of the year!  View

Dragonfly Awards

June 21, 2018
Kim's Seaper Powers book series won the Dragonfly Purple Seal award!  View

Michigan Mom

June 6, 2018

LA Story

May 20, 2018
A complete write up on Kim Cameron.  View


May 18, 2018
Ibiza News  View

JoJo's Blog

April 1, 2018

Song of the Year

March 20, 2018
Living Without Me scores Semi Finalist!  View

Indie Music Awards

March 20, 2018
Nominated for 3 awards!   View

Starfleet Music Pool Dance Chart

March 16, 2018
Living Without Me hits No. 1  View

Pens Eye

March 15, 2018

Ground Sounds

March 14, 2018

That Blogger

February 28, 2018

Living In Style Mag

February 22, 2018

Number One Music

February 10, 2018
Living Without You hits Number 1!  View

Clouzine Magazine

February 9, 2018


February 6, 2018

Coral Gables Love

February 2, 2018

Livin in Style

January 26, 2018


January 16, 2018
An interview with UK's music magazine!  View

Starfleet Dance Chart

January 16, 2018
Living Without Me hits Top 40.  View

DJ Times

January 15, 2018
Beautiful still in the Top 40!  View

Skope Magazine

December 21, 2017

Divine Magazine

December 17, 2017
"Cameron's dance songs skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard and DJ Dance charts.."  View

Sound One

December 16, 2017
A fantastic album review of No Regrets  View

Twisted Male

December 16, 2017

For Us Not Them

December 15, 2017

Whats In Store Chart

December 1, 2017
Dancing in the Dark hits 1 million spins!  View


December 1, 2017
The next single releases on AXS  View


November 19, 2017
Germany's popular magazine  View

Paste Magazine

November 17, 2017
Kim talks about her new single Burning.  View

The Daily Voice

November 16, 2017
"She traded all of it for the world of music."  View


October 31, 2017
Kim appears in one of Germany's biggest Magazines.   View

This is the Latest

October 29, 2017
'There are, it could be said, very few artists who have had the career longevity that Kim Cameron has had.'  View

Jakes Own

October 27, 2017
"Burning is a hypnotic track"  View

Vent Magazine

October 27, 2017
Interview with Kim Cameron  View

DJ Times

October 16, 2017
Both Dancing in the Dark and Beautiful hit the chart  View

The Crazy Mind

October 3, 2017
Check out Kim's interview with the Crazy Mind  View

Croatia News

September 27, 2017
Kim and DJ Halo are part of the headliners for the music festival Wave in Croatia  View

DJ Times Dance Chart

September 15, 2017
Dancing in the Dark moves up to Top 30  View

Swiss Film Festival

September 14, 2017
Wanna Go wins Best Music Video  View


September 6, 2017
Dancing in the Dark wins Best Dance Song  View

Starfleet Dance Chart

September 1, 2017
2 Singles in the Top 5  View

DJ Times

August 9, 2017
Dancing in the Dark continues to climb the charts  View

Whos in Store Charts

July 27, 2017
Dancing in the Dark debuts in the top 30  View


July 25, 2017
An Interview with Kim Cameron  View

DJ Times

July 19, 2017
Dancing in the Dark hits the Top 35  View

That Blogger

July 14, 2017
An interview with Kim Cameron  View

Clouzine Magazine

July 11, 2017

DJ Times

June 14, 2017
Dancing in the Dark, now the third most added.  View

Clouzine 6

June 9, 2017
Kim Cameron's awards make international news.  View

EDM Nation

June 8, 2017
The newest review of Beautiful.  View

Starfleet Dance Chart

June 1, 2017
Now standing at 14 Number 1 hits on the DJ Dance Charts!   View

EDM Nation

May 16, 2017
Dancing in the Dark receives it's first review!  View

Starfleet Dance Charts

May 16, 2017
3 Singles enter the dance chart  View

Starfleet Dance Chart

May 1, 2017
Wanna Go jumps to Number 5 on the Dance Chart  View

Indie Music Channel Awards

April 23, 2017
Won Best Female Emerging Artist of the Year  View

EDM Nation

April 21, 2017
Even though the original tune sounds good as it is, the remix from Halo’s Bosa Nova sounds even better.  View

Georgetown Dish

March 30, 2017
Georgetown's local rag talks about Kim Cameron's appearance  View


March 28, 2017
Kim travels to Washington, DC with her puppets for a little puppet and Seaper Power magic.  View

Global Music Awards

March 26, 2017
Moon on the Water receives a Silver Medal from the Global Music Awards.  View

Starfleet Dance Charts

February 17, 2017
Kim's It Starts Raining hit's No. 1 on the dance charts!  View

YouTube Rocks

February 7, 2017
Kim's Newest single and video hits the trending charts in Europe.  View

Trending by Country

February 7, 2017
Wanna Go Trends in Europe on Youtube Charts!  View

Czasoumilacze 24

February 7, 2017
Wanna Go Trends in Europe!  View

Power Group

January 20, 2017
Moon on the Water jumps over to the UK Dance Chart in the Top 20  View

DJ Times Magazine

January 17, 2017
It Starts Raining moves up to the Top 20 on the National Chart  View

Song of the Year

December 28, 2016
Moon on the Water received semi finalist placement for the Song of the Year! The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category. For 17 years Song of the Year has continued to be a leader in offering songwriters great opportunities through the contest and by networking the top writers with music insiders. Songwriter's submissions are judged by a panel of music professionals. Previous winner was Meghan Trainor.  View

EDM Nations

December 20, 2016
Drew G delivers a club ready remix to Kim Cameron’s and Side FX’s hit song “It’s Raining”!  View

DJ Times Magazine

December 17, 2016
It Starts Raining hits the Top 40 on the DJ Times Dance / Crossover chart  View

Starfleet Cross Over Chart

December 16, 2016
7 No. 1 hits! Adulting just hit No 1!  View

Starfleet Dance Music Chart

November 22, 2016
Adulting Hits the Top 20!   View

The Music Essentials

October 31, 2016
Akshay – There’s going to be a difference in the culture across the US and Europe. What’s the one thing that struck you as a glaring difference? Kim Cameron – People here like to dance more. They’re not afraid to move, even to what I’d consider dance that is not a traditional dance beat.  View

Starfleet Dance Music Chart

October 1, 2016
Moon on the Water hits No. 1 on the dance charts. The album's 6th No. 1 pick!  View

Miami Herald

August 30, 2016
Not only is this technology the first of its kind for a dance artist, it is guaranteed to keep fans and friends completely in the know when it comes to Kim Cameron.  View

DRT National Radio Chart

August 23, 2016
Moon on the Water enters the National Radio Chart at #133.  View

DRT National Independent Chart

August 23, 2016
Moon on the Water from the Naturally Yours Album release hits the Top 20 on the National Independent Radio Chart  View

Miami New Times

July 29, 2016
Her concerts are a combo of live instrumentation and pulsating, electronic rhythms. Joining her in achieving this task is her recording and touring band, Side FX.   View

Music Heat

July 26, 2016
Kim signs licensing deals with 3 major companies across the globe  View

Starfleet Dance Chart July 15 2016

July 16, 2016
Another Number 1 hit on the DJ Dance charts!  View

Starfleet Dance Chart July 1 2016

July 1, 2016
One Kiss hits the number 2 spot on the Starfleet Dance Charts.  View

Bandwidth Daily

June 30, 2016
The music business is a roller coaster, what are some of your proudest moments? KC: Definitely performing for the NFL twice. The most fun concert was this past New Year's Eve in the DR.   View

DJ Times Crossover Chart

June 24, 2016
But You - the new single off of Naturally Yours, moves up to the Top 20 on the DJ Times List.   View

Starlet Dance Music Chart

June 16, 2016
One Kiss moves up the charts to No. 8!  View

DJ Times Charts

May 15, 2016
But You hits #30 in this edition of DJ Times.  View

Dj Times Magazine

April 16, 2016
Another one in the Top 40 !  View

Sthorfunk Radio

April 13, 2016
Part of an interview when Kim was touring Germany.  View

Bunte Magazine - Germany

April 6, 2016
Kim is featured in Germany's Bunte Magazine (Celebrity Page) -- she was asked what she does to 'spice up a relationship.'   View

Starfleet Dance Charts

April 1, 2016
Kim's 10th No. 1 hit and the 4th number 1 on the newest album Naturally Yours.  View

Global Music Awards

March 26, 2016
Kim Cameron's Falling Stars Wideboys remix garnered her a Silver Medal at the Global Music Awards.  View

Starfleet Dance Charts

March 16, 2016
Kim's 11th #1 hit!  View

DJ Times Magazine

March 1, 2016
Kim Cameron's 'But You' single off of the new album 'Naturally Yours' now sits at #2 on DJ Times Most Added list.  View

Shine On Hollywood Magazine

February 14, 2016
Kim was caught at the Grammy party with nominees all featured in the Shine on Hollywood Magazine  View

Starfleet Dance & Cross Over Charts

February 1, 2016
Kim's 9th #1 from the new EP Naturally Yours. Windrunner scores big with the dance crowds.  View

Naturally Yours Album Review

January 4, 2016
From the satisfyingly gritty guitar opening on “But You,” to the shimmering strings on “Falling Stars,” Naturally Yours embraces and enhances the sounds and styles we’ve come to know and love in popular music from the 1970s to this very day. And of course, throughout the whole affair, Kim Cameron’s voice sounds lovelier than ever.   View

Dominican Republic

December 31, 2015
Kim and Pablito are featured on all the major newspapers, TV and radio shows for their biggest New Year's Eve concert.  View


December 30, 2015
Kim joins Pablito Drums for the concert of her life in the DR.  View


December 30, 2015
Kim performs with Pablito Drums for the concert of her life in the DR.  View

Starlet's Dance and Crossover charts

November 16, 2015
Kim Cameron scores her 5th number 1 hit on both the Dance and Crossover charts with the newest single 'Falling Stars'  View

All Access

November 5, 2015
Kim Cameron has had a consistent presence on the Dance charts, DJ/pool charts and regular airplay (with impressive list of major markets) on Top 40 Pop & Rhythm station mix shows. She recently scored significant success in the U.K. She sings the National Anthem at NFL games and, in addition to all of this, she is the author of a children’s book series.  View

Starfleet Dance Chart

November 1, 2015
Falling Stars climbs to the top 10!  View

Flavour Mag

October 26, 2015
‘Falling Stars’ is a futuristic-themed music video, which according to Kim is about love, and the eternal search. ‘I’m a hopeless romantic’, she admits, ‘I can’t help but write about love’.  View

Starfleet Dance Chart

October 16, 2015
Falling Stars hits the Top 20 in two weeks!  View

Female First

October 8, 2015
Back with her brand new single 'Never', Kim Cameron is one of the best artists on the dance scene today, and we got the opportunity to catch up with the singer/songwriter and children's book writer to find out just what makes her tick, how she got into the world of children's literature and much more.  View

Starlet Dance and Cross Over Charts

August 1, 2015
Kim's fifth number 1 hit - Never on both the Dance and Crossover charts  View


July 25, 2015
Never moves up to #4 on the European Chart  View

Macaroni Kid

July 20, 2015
The Riddle is the fourth installment of the Seaper Powers children’s book series, written by rising children’s book author Kim Cameron and based on Hawks Cay following a 2014 visit. Targeting kindergarten through third graders, The Riddle follows earlier Seaper Powers’ stories: In Search of Bleu Jay’s Treasure, The Mystery of the Blue Pearls and The Rescue.  View

Dance Chart

July 16, 2015
Never moves up to #10 on the Dance Chart.  View

Divine Magazine

July 14, 2015
From the holding multiple rankings on Official European Independent Music Chart, Starfleet Music Record Pool Dance/Crossover Charts all the way to Billboard Dance Charts, Pop Artist Kim Cameron without any doubts is TOP OF THE POPS  View

Twisted Male

July 9, 2015
Across the USA, UK and Europe along with breaking into the Australian music scene, from club DJ to Radio the numbers keep rising. From NEVER, DRIVE and BLIND LOVE featuring WIDE BOYS are the songs that are currently making a HUGE splash across the globes, straight and gay fans alike in the clubs from NYC, LODON, PARIS and IBIZA are grinding to the what DJS have dubbed “keep the on the dancefloor music”.   View


July 4, 2015
Never moves up to #8 on the European chart  View

Starlet Dance and Cross Over Charts

July 1, 2015
Kim just received her fifth #1 hit with Blind Love.  View

Top IndeCouvertes Chart

June 29, 2015
Never climbed to #12 this week on the Top IndeCouvertes Chart  View


June 22, 2015
Never hits the Top 15 on Europe's Independent Music Charts  View

Starfleet DJ Charts

June 16, 2015
Blind Love moves up to #3; Rolling Stone moves up to #10 and the newest single hits #34  View

Starfleet Music Charts

June 1, 2015
Blind Love moves up to #4 and Never is the Breakout for the week!  View

Rebel Radio

May 18, 2015
In a twist that goes back to the GOLDEN AGE of MTV Music Videos like Thriller and Love Is A Battlefield, Top 20 Billboard and European Charting POP Artist KIM CAMERON has brought back the CLASSIC STYLE of Music Video. They are MINI movies that TELL A STORY   View

Starfleet Music Charts Dance

May 16, 2015
Kim hits #1 for the 3rd time with Carnival of Baggage on both the Dance and Crossover charts this week. 3 Singles now in the the Top 40.  View

Blazing Minds

May 15, 2015
The new album has already spawned a couple of big hits in the Billboard Dance Charts in America, including two number one singles.  View

Miami Herald

May 13, 2015
Lucky number 7 is Cameron's new mantra with a new album which has two #1 singles and four top 10 hits on the dance charts.  View

European Top Independent Music Chart

May 4, 2015
Drive hits #12 on the European Top Independent Music Charts  View

Courier Journal

May 2, 2015
Celebs spotting at the Kentucky Derby  View

Crossover and Dance Charts

May 1, 2015
A new record for Kim with 4 songs hitting the Crossover chart in the same week.  View

Starfleet Music Charts Dance

April 16, 2015
Kim and the band captured their fourth #1 on the charts. She also landed on #12 and #40 for Carnival of Baggage and Blind Love.  View


April 7, 2015
AXS sat down with singer and Cherry Blossom Festival regular Kim Cameron of Side FX to talk about the festival and the evolution of dance music.  View

Dance Chart

April 1, 2015
Next to You hits #2 on the Starfleet Dance and Cross Over Charts. Carnival of Baggage makes a huge jump and Blind Love debuts at #50  View

DJ Times Magazine

March 23, 2015
Drive moves to #35 on the DJ Times Cross Over Chart  View

Starlet Dance and Cross Over Charts

March 16, 2015
Next to You - newest single release - climbs to #6 on both the Dance and Cross over charts. Carnival of Baggage makes its debut at #30  View

Starfleet Music Charts

March 1, 2015
The next single 'Next to You' makes a big jump on the chart to #20  View

DJ Times Chart

February 16, 2015
Drive climbs to #32 on the DJ Times chart!  View

Starfleet Music Charts

February 16, 2015
Next to You enters the Dance charts at #36!  View

Taking Over the Universe

February 11, 2015
All of the individual tracks are strong on their own, and the remixes give them a different vibe. For instance, "Carnival of Baggage" has a very Blondie feel to it, but on the very next track it is remixed into a club banger.  View

Starlet Dance Music Chart

February 1, 2015
Kim's third #1 hit! Drive makes it to #1 in both the Crossover and Dance charts.  View

Starfleet DJ Charts

January 16, 2015
Drive moves up to #3 on both the Crossover and Dance charts.  View


January 13, 2015
Kim Cameron along with the SIDE FX Band are Electrifying the dance floor with such banging hits like 3 SECONDS, DRIVE, FOREVER and NEXT TO YOU; these are amongst a plethora that bring this brilliant performer to the forefront of TOP OF THE POPS  View

Starfleet Music Charts

January 3, 2015
Kim's 2nd #1 hit on the Starlet Music Chart. Simple Touch (Anger Wolf Remix) hit's #1 on both the dance and cross-over charts. In addition, Drive moves up to #17 and #19.  View

EP Review No Regrets

December 20, 2014
Every track has a certain energy, coupled with a pronounced ease that is indicative of a real sense of identity.  View

Starfleet Music Pool

December 16, 2014
Drive, Forever and Simple Touch all hit the charts this week!  View

Starfleet Music Charts

December 16, 2014
Drive enters the Cross-Over charts this week!  View

Starfleet Music Charts

November 16, 2014
Forever climbs to #3 and Simple Touch hits the chart at #45 on the Cross Over chart.  View

Starfleet Music Charts Dance

November 16, 2014
Forever climbs to #3 and Simple Touch, the Anger Wolf Remix climbs to #38 on the dance charts!  View

Music is My Rock

November 7, 2014
Kim Cameron, of Side FX and Kim Cameron, has been inspired by countless U.S. military members over the years. See the whole article here: Veterans Share Stories of Musical Inspiration | The HUB   View

Starfleet Music Charts

November 1, 2014
'Forever' climbs to #14 on both the Cross-over and Dance charts.  View


October 29, 2014
" decided to sit down and interview this wonderful new pop artist whose music I had become so enamored with. The result was an interesting conversation with a dedicated songwriter, collaborator, and children’s book author who is just as charming and personable as she is talented. "  View

All Access Group

October 16, 2014
'Forever' now on the All Access Cool Music list.  View

Starfleet Music Pool

October 16, 2014
'Forever' moves up to #33 on the Cross-Over chart this week.  View

Starfleet Music Pool

October 16, 2014
'Forever' Remix hits #28 on the October 16, 2014 chart!  View

Starfleet Music Pool

October 1, 2014
Newest single 'Forever' lands a #34 spot on the Dance Chart.  View

Starfleet Music Pool

October 1, 2014
Forever hits #42 on the Crossover chart.  View

DJ Time Cross Over Chart

September 30, 2014
Let's Fall in Love hit's #24!  View

Recording Hound

September 16, 2014
In this show I had the pleasure of speaking with Kim Cameron. Kim talks about some of the things she is presently involved with and future plans. Side FX and Kim Cameron are a high energy chart- topping dance band whose music is played in 2000+ radio stations across the US.  View

Secrets of Success

September 15, 2014
Side FX and Kim Cameron are a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping dance band who's music has been on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC; College Music Journal; AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts.  View

Track Review: Forever

September 10, 2014
By the time the track reached it’s end, I knew I had to play it right over again. The hooks on display here are monstrously catchy and well-executed, suiting the more subdued production masterfully, and just as I’m sure this is going to be among the catchiest songs I listen to this year, I’m also sure that Kim Cameron is one of the greatest pop singers around today – no small claim.  View

DJ Times

September 5, 2014
Let's Fall in Love moves up to #32 on the National DJ Times Crossover chart.  View

DJ Time Cross Over Chart

August 23, 2014
Let's Fall in Love hits #35!  View

Track Review Let's Fall in Love

August 22, 2014
Sleek, stylish, and polished almost to the point of sterility, the track becomes immediately reminiscent of the bright synths and sounds of the 80s, but with an undeniably modern injection.  View

DJ Times September 2014

August 17, 2014
Let's Fall in Love - most added!  View

NFL's Giants vs. Steelers Game

August 9, 2014
'Singing the National Anthem, National Recording Artist, Kim Cameron.' Over 70,000 in attendance.   View

Culpeper Star-Exponent

August 8, 2014
Cameron is a seasoned vocalist, songwriter and children's author.  View

Mediabase Top 40 Independent Chart

August 8, 2014
Let's Fall in Love hits #20 on the Mediabase Top 40 Indy Chart  View

Starfleet Music Pool

August 1, 2014
Let's Fall in Love hits #1 on both the Cross - over and Dance charts.  View

Northest Record Pool

August 1, 2014
Let's Fall in Love hits #50 on Boston's own Northeast Record Pool  View

Daily Film Forum

July 25, 2014
By 7 o'clock, the floor became so packed that invitees had to be turned away.  View

Open Hands Review

July 22, 2014
Seaper Powers This fun trio of books; In Search of Bleu Jay's Treasure , The Mystery of Blue Pearls & The Rescue is a fun adventures series. Each book is written in chapters consisting of 1-2 pages each; with a few pictures mixed throughout. These books are perfect for kids to read a chapter or two each night before bed.   View


June 3, 2014
Let's Fall in Love makes it to the HitPredictor  View

Review Q

April 28, 2014
Slush funded by Hit Romantics keen on some Moroder madness, blended with a dash of knees up Mother Brown!  View

Corrine Buuck

March 27, 2014
Top Hits Include Now You’re Mine Not Into You Simple Touch Spin Me Ever After  View

Read Like Kalya

March 24, 2014
Once again I found myself greatly enjoying the plot line. Even though I’m not the target audience for the book it was able to draw in my attention and keep me reading.   View

American Songwriter Award

March 3, 2014
Now You're Mine was an American Songwriter Award Nominee  View

NapTime Reviewer

March 1, 2014
Whether you are in search of a great paperback story for your child for his/her Easter basket, or looking for a bedtime story that you don't necessarily have to read aloud, you should definitely check out Seaper Powers, The Mystery of the Blue Pearls by Kim Cameron.  View

Billboard Dance Club Charts

February 14, 2014
Kim Cameron's 2nd Top 20 Hit! Now You're Mine  View

DJ Times

February 11, 2014
A big jump to #4  View

P.S. 22

February 5, 2014
Here's something quite different and unexpected - an (at first) acoustic performance of "Now You're Mine" by dance artist Kim Cameron, lead singer of Side FX! Oh, and you'll want to make sure to stick around until at least the 3 minute mark....  View

Metropolis Nights

February 5, 2014
I worked a lot of hours and actually hated every single minute of it. I decided right then and there, it was time to stop working on things that meant nothing to me.  View

Daily Film Forum

January 31, 2014
With only 6 weeks under her belt with the latest single ‘Now You’re Mine,’ Kim Cameron is proving that as an indie dance artist, no club is immune from her sound.   View

UK Clubs Top 100

January 26, 2014
Now You're Mine hits the UK charts at #72  View

News Canada

January 17, 2014
This is Cameron’s third Billboard hit, with the first on the Top 40 chart in 2011. It is her seventh charted song on Medibase in the last three years.   View

King of Spins

December 11, 2013
Just when you thought you had seen it all, Side FX and Kim Cameron release the club version of 'Now You're Mine.' This track is off the charts hot, hot, hot.  View

Mommy Poppins

December 9, 2013
Below is a list of newly-released children’s books. I hope the children in your life enjoy reading these “hidden gems” and personalized books as much as I enjoyed writing about them  View

Seaper Powers Review

November 21, 2013
Seaper Powers is written in a straight-forward manner that is easy for the little ones to follow. Each chapter is brief enough for even the shortest of attention spans. The audio version’s utilization of multiple voices, music, and sound effects was definitely helpful in holding my seven-year-old’s attention for the 59-minute running time.   View

Music Connection

November 6, 2013
Recently, her song 'Not Into You' was selected by Clear Channel as the song of month for September.  View

Celebrity News

November 4, 2013
The Industry Halloween Spooktacular at New York City’s Famed “Royalton” Hotel was the spot to be Thursday night. An exclusive live performance by Top 20 Billboard Recording artist on the dance charts “Kim Cameron” & Side FX band members along with special guest host former NY Yankee   View

Times Square Gossip

November 4, 2013
Cameron, an award winning artist new song “Not into You” skyrocketed on the Billboard Dance Charts to #17.   View

DJ Times

October 23, 2013
Move up to #6 on DJ Times  View


October 21, 2013
Moved up to #5!  View


October 14, 2013
If like me and you’re still a seven year old on the inside, then you will LOVE the new book ‘Seaper Powers’ by Kim Cameron and John DePatie.   View

Cheryl's Book Nook

September 29, 2013
I listened to the audio book. Kim has a great voice for audio books. She is clear and animated. In fact all the readers involved in this book were great.   View

Billboard Dance Club Charts

September 28, 2013
Not Into You move up the charts this week to Top 20 at No. 17!  View

Billboard Dance Club Charts

September 20, 2013
Not into you jumps to No. 22!  View

New York Music Pool

September 20, 2013
Spiked up to No. 8 this week!  View

Everyday Life

September 19, 2013
This book is fun, interesting and entertaining.   View

CoolGirls TV

September 18, 2013
Spotlight on Cool Girls TV.  View

DDk Dance Charts

September 18, 2013
Moved up to No. 25!  View

Georgetown Dish

September 16, 2013
Georgetown's own Billboard artist, Kim Cameron just hit #27 on Billboard's Dance Club Chart last week. She debuted, which is no small feat, at #50 and has been rising like a bullet.   View

Billboard Dance Club Charts

September 13, 2013
Just bulleted up to No. 27!  View

Painting the Silence

September 10, 2013
The first track “A Little Bit in Love,” is carried by the airy and sensual tone of front lady, Kim Cameron. The second cut “Not Into You,” is a pleasant departure and contrary from the first single as it speaks to the feeling of not pursuing someone.   View

DJ Times National Club Charts

September 9, 2013
Moved up to No. 8  View

Billboard & Mediabase Charts

September 6, 2013
Big jump to No. 35 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts.  View

DC Festivals

September 5, 2013
One of the hottest acts in music today is dance/pop sensation Side FX and they are about to blow up the dance charts once again with the release of a double single and mash-up music video for “A Little Bit in Love” and “Not Into You.”   View

Top of the Heap

August 31, 2013
Running at about sixty-minutes in length, I think that it’s really the perfect length for children. It’s not too long, and not too short.   View

Ocean City Sentinel

August 30, 2013
"I've been accused of never growing up," Cameron said, explaining why writing the book wasn't difficult for her.  View


August 28, 2013
Chart Hightlights: Debut @ No. 50 - Kim Cameron's Not Into You  View

Mums Lounge

August 27, 2013
Made the August Top Picks list!  View

Ocean City Community News

August 27, 2013
Author Kim Cameron will be reading her book “Seaper Powers” to the children 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 30  View

Billboard Dance Club Charts

August 24, 2013
Debut's at No. 50 with Not Into You  View

David Chuka's Blog

August 23, 2013
She’s a Billboard Top 40 Artist and has had her songs played on radio stations in most Western countries. She’s rubbed shoulders with quite a few people of influence but always has time to leave a positive influence on the few or many who enter her presence.   View

The Review Wire

August 21, 2013
I don’t want to spoil the ending of the book for you so this is where I will stop. Each chapter is only a page long with Kim Cameron narrating and each character having their own voice. The audio story runs 58 minutes long with just a handful of pictures.  View

Ep Release Party

August 15, 2013
Joining in from VH1’s Mob Wives Karen Gravano, Celebrity Photographer Patrick McMullan, TV personality Inez Cain, What's Happening in the Hampton's Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez & Author Georgina Rose.   View

DJ Times

August 8, 2013
American's Oldest and most respected Recording Pool. Hit No. 32.  View

New York Music Pool Chart

August 8, 2013
hit No. 50 on New York's Music Pool Chart with Not into You  View

Marsha's Spot: Seaper Powers

August 7, 2013
I was sent the audio version of Seaper Powers. Such a delightful story.   View

Catch My Ear Interview

August 6, 2013
This week I was able to catch up with Kim Cameron from SideFX. Now you may remember we did a review on the EP ‘Still Spinning’ a few weeks ago. What was nice about this EP is it all had the summer feel music which is what we need on our summer time playlists.  View

DDk Dance Charts

August 1, 2013
Week of August 1st - hits No. 48  View

LuLu Bella

July 27, 2013

Beauty World News

July 22, 2013
Kim Cameron, the lead singer of super-successful alternative pop band Side FX, dished on her beauty and fashion secrets! She stuns in this New York City fashion shoot with one of her fave photographers, Karyn Knapp.  View

Vents Magazine

July 22, 2013
The great thing about touring is you are never lacking really good humorous content.  View

Catch My Ear

July 17, 2013
This EP only has three songs but each one is amazing on their own but it’s worth it to get the whole thing!  View

Seaper Powers Review

July 15, 2013
The plot is fun and interesting to any young reader/listener and it is also able to keep the attention of the adult reader/listener. As a babysitter I found many of the stories I read to lack a moral to them and were mostly just about going after the bad guy since he’s a bad guy. This story has substance to it and is one I look forward to reading to my niece when she’s older.  View


July 13, 2013
Also in the crowd was Top 40 Billboard Recording Artist Kim Cameron, Warrington Gillette (Jason from Friday The 13th) and Village People Cop Ray Simpson.   View

Times Square Gossip

July 13, 2013
Warrington Gillette (Jason-Friday The 13th Franchises) sipped cocktails while Top 40 Billboard Recording Artist Kim Cameron from Side FX Mingled with fans & Village People Cop Ray Simpson watched party goers sway to the music of “Macho Man” all toasting to Billy Sample who was all smiles with the crowd.  View

Caesar Liven Loud

June 27, 2013
Side FX's eclectic sound is conveyed on their latest album and my favorite tracks are A Little Romance, We've Got the Rhythm and The Man I Used To Know! It is a romantic album with cool synths and catchy hooks!   View

Taking Over the Universe

June 11, 2013
Color me genuinely impressed.  View

New Music Weekly

June 11, 2013
With each power-packed single released, the band continues to evolve and break genre barriers. The two high-energy and club-worthy singles are made for dance floors and will have music lovers wanting more.   View

Akademia Music Award

March 19, 2013
Winner: Best Live Performance Video Side FX performs this electronic dance song with the right touch of live instrumentation, explosive builds, and vocals that are dreamy and completely on-point.  View

Beat on Repeat

March 7, 2013
Side FX’s unique sound is evident in one of their recent popular songs “Spin Me Ever After” which has an electro-dance pop sound. The vocals are soothing yet strong giving a push. It is the same with the music and beat – it is not overly edgy which really helps round out the sound and keeps you moving.   View

Georgetown Dish

March 5, 2013
‘Side FX’ will hitting the television airways in the D.C. metro area this month from March 11-29th.   View

Album of the Year

December 28, 2012
"This is one of the biggest surprises to come out of the UCAs this year. Side FX may have been a top forty group, but they beat out world famous artists such as Alphabeat and Scissor Sisters. This is not to say they don't deserve it! Side FX, fronted by singer/songwriter Kim Cameron has payed their dues, and this award is proof of it.  View

Celebrity News and Gossip

October 19, 2012
"Within 24 hours, the video went viral hitting number 8 on the most viral videos and scored a number 55 on the YouTube charts."  View


October 3, 2012
Defiant and versatile, indie dance/pop band Side FX is about to heat up the highly popular Playboy Radio with a live in-studio performance and interview on the "Playmates Presents" show on October 12th at 4p.m.  View

Babysue Album Review

October 2, 2012
You don't have to be an underground snob or appreciate the stranger side of music to get into this young lady's musical universe. These songs are centered around steady beats, cool synth sounds, and instantly hummable melodies. Ten groovy cuts here including "Spin Me Ever After," "A Little Romance," "Spinning Stars," and "The Man I Used To Know."  View

Georgetown Dish

September 18, 2012
Four CDs in four years, one National Anthem performance for 68,000 Redskins fans, three songs picked by American Airlines, a 21 state tour, 2.6 million YouTube viewers, the only Indie artist to chart five songs on a single album, and 1.1 million hits for one song, "3 Seconds."  View

Caesars Living Loud

September 18, 2012
It is a romantic album with cool synths and catchy hooks!  View

Music Artiste

September 12, 2012
Indie dance/pop band Side FX is picking up momentum and cranking out hit after hit.   View

Album Review by Jeremy Jones,

September 1, 2012
"What really ties "Spin Me Ever After" together is Kim Cameron herself. She did the writing for all of the songs and is the vocalist for them all as well. Her voice is a very calming, even against such upbeat and poppy back beats."  View

Taking Over the Universe

August 25, 2012
"Kim Cameron is an all around talented lady. She's can sing, write songs, and she has a knack for telling some amazing stories"  View


August 15, 2012
"For bands such as Side FX, who have gained the respect and notoriety in the industry and has worked very hard to get where they are today are now definitely enjoying the fruits of their labor. They are taking their sound to an exciting new levels and showing their listeners how diverse and deep they can really be."  View

Spin Me Ever After Album Review

August 15, 2012
The new album is an invaluable product of ingeniousness, because it features clear vocals, memorable melodies, and adventurous instrumentation without compromising quality. -Matthew Forss, Inside World Music  View

Beachwood Reporter

August 7, 2012
Inflight chart #15  View

Baltimore City Paper

May 30, 2012
Side FX makes Baltimore city's Short List of things to see!  View


January 8, 2012
Kim Cameron On the Redskins'field  View


November 11, 2011
Side FX Hits Australian radio market  View

Billboard BDS AC Chart

November 1, 2011
My Face is Shining Hit's Billboard's and Mediabases's chart at No. 31.  View

Bold Breakthrough for Pop Recording Artist Side FX

August 8, 2011

Good News New York

May 24, 2011
...Kim Cameron of Side FX reached #39 of the Top 40 Indicator Charts for her song, "A Dance."  View

Billboard & Mediabase Charts

May 5, 2011
Side FX stays in the Top 40 on both the Adult Pop and Adult Contemporary charts for over 10 weeks straight  View

North Carolina's Reflector

April 1, 2011
Just three years ago, indie-pop singer-songwriter Kim Cameron began playing music. Since then, she and her band Side FX have made their way onto the national charts, as their single “Paradise,” reached No. 36 on the Adult Contemporary Chart.  View

Moved up to No. 36

March 22, 2011
Side FX continues to move up the A/C Chart with 'Paradise' Hits No. 36.  View

Amazing Women Rock

January 24, 2011
Kim Cameron is an inspiration and proof that it’s never too late to set a goal and make a dream come true.   View

You Benefit

December 16, 2010
Along with furthering her music career, she [Kim] had a new goal: helping veterans to enjoy their post-war lives. Side FX now has over two years of volunteering under their belts, performing for veterans on the east coast as well as a few stops at the Veterans Medical Centers in Miami and Walter Reed in Washington D.C.  View

Mediabase charts

November 10, 2010

Enchanting Women

October 4, 2010
"The Voice" of women.  View

Music Connection

August 1, 2010
Call them the anti-indie band if you will. Amid the influx of solo-songwriters and boy rock bands, these Washington D.C. natives offer a refreshing departure.- Ellen Woloshin  View

1 Wine Dude

July 27, 2010
Fans of well-crafted, pop-infused hooks and musicianship will dig Turning Point, I think – the more astute listeners will pick out a variety of influences from `80s Go-Go’s pop to country and UK club dance beats.  View

Blissfully Domestic

July 25, 2010
Lead singer and songwriter, Kim Cameron, certainly has a lot to write about, having jumped the corporate ship for the life of a musician.   View

Flipside to Music - Wine Pairing

July 2, 2010
Kim Cameron develops the first music and wine pairing musical series which matches grapes to her original pop/rock songs.  View


June 26, 2010
Side FX kicked off their first tour for Turning Point: It’s Your Turn Tour right after the 2010 Grammy’s.  View

The Shocker

June 17, 2010

Smart Money

June 14, 2010
In almost classic fashion, Kim Cameron, decided not long ago to trade in two decades of corporate IT work to become....a rock star.  View

Ink 19 Review of Turning Point

May 22, 2010
Cameron rocks with the deep punk passion of Patti Smith.  View

Miami Herald

April 18, 2010
``To have an actual live band reminds them of when they were out on their own, and to know the band is volunteering their time, it really gives them a sense of pride and that the public cares, so they love it.''  View

Black Mountain Music Scene

April 13, 2010
Combining a fresh take with inspired lyrics, each song on Contradictions is wrapped around a personal experience of lead singer/songwriter, Kim Cameron.   View

Black Mountain News

April 8, 2010
Kim Cameron was drinking margaritas at Margaritaville in Key West, soaking in the sounds of Jimmy Buffet's island country music. Buffet and margaritas go perfect together, she thought. That when the wine aficionado and musician came up withe an idea.  View

Collected Sounds

April 1, 2010
I’ve reviewed Side Fx’s previous album recently, and am pleased that their new offering is just as good.It’s another great album by Side FX.  View

Interactive Rock Concert

March 30, 2010

More Magazine

December 1, 2009
"Sometimes I'd break into tears, thinking, what have I done?" Cameron says. Now, her songs are played on 70 radio stations.  View

Top 40 Charts

November 10, 2009
Kim Cameron And Side Fx To Perform On Veterans Day For Injured Service Men And Women At Walter Reed  View

INK 19 Album Review

September 22, 2009

The Pentagon Channel

September 3, 2009
Kim Cameron and Sound FX discuss their music and thoughts about entertaining the troops during a conversation with the Pentagon Channel.  View

Rock and Roll Guru

August 5, 2009
"A lot can be said for building a cult following; thats how Dave Matthews Band, Guster, OAR, and countless other bands began. If the music is good, the fans will come, and with Side FX, the music is good."  View

Live on Plum TV!

July 10, 2009
Kim Cameron and Chris Nikpora performed live on Plum TV, Nantucket's own Chanel 22.  View

Cape Cod Music Blog

June 25, 2009
“Life balance is what Nantucket is what it is all about for me - so much that I found myself feeling like I had totally escaped the normal rat race at the local Cisco brewery one day, last year.” And it was during that one day, at the popular local brewery, that Kim was inspired to write the song “Timeless”, which will be featured in her upcoming album “Turning Point”, scheduled for release in the fall.  View


June 24, 2009
The band effortlessly transitions between songs that are sultry and bluesy, upbeat and cheerful, and serene and reflective. In between songs Kim Cameron reveals her inspiration behind the always personal lyrics.
-Kim Reed, Examiner  View

Crescendo Jazz Live Performance Review

June 2, 2009
...the nation's most profound jazz supper club Blues Alley -- home to the best of jazz, star studded performances, and fine cuisine. That's exactly where caught up with Kim Cameron and the Side FX band that showcased a powerhouse performance during two packed spring concerts that wowed audiences from start to finish.
-Kim Betton, Crescendo Jazz  View

Pulp Magazine Philippines

June 1, 2009

Hard Rock & Yellow Ribbon Fund

May 20, 2009

Indie Music Universe

April 27, 2009
The group launched their first album, Contradictions, in the September 2008. Combining a fresh, genre-shifting sound with inspired and deeply personal lyrics, every song in the album is wrapped around a personal experience of lead singer/songwriter, Kim Cameron.  View

All About Jazz Review

April 3, 2009
Led by singer Kim Cameron, Side FX is both a throwback and and a vehicle of the future. On one hand, Side FX can be compared to The Pretenders and Fleetwood Mac— accessible pop/rock acts with female lead singers who didn't yell, conveying their emotional turmoil through soulful harmonies and straightforward, engaging arrangements. On the other hand, Side FX are fully plugged into the iPod philosophy of anything goes,  View

Big Blend

March 8, 2009
The album name Contradictions carries hidden meanings. It represents the clash between the upbeat sounds and the lyrical content and the album’s lack of a fixed genre. For Kim, the true contradiction is: ―What you see is not always what you get. Inside all of us are some hidden truths or talents that are often overlooked.‖  View

Crescendo Jazz

March 4, 2009

Hooah Radio Show!

January 30, 2009
Live, on the air.  View

All About Jazz

January 23, 2009

Fox New 19

December 20, 2008

Great Americans!

December 19, 2008

American Valor

December 2, 2008
Our special lady is a strong supporter of the US troops. She attended the recent USO event for Wounded Warriors and the US Navy ball in New York City where she donated her song “My Hero” to the naval officers in USB flash drives. Today, Dad is proud to introduce you to the attractive and extremely talented lead singer/ songwriter for the popular Washington D.C. hit band SideFX.  View

17 Seconds Review

November 5, 2008
It's the voice that grabs you about this record. Kim Cameron really does have a very impressive voice.   View

American Airlines In Flight November

November 1, 2008

Hellhound Review

September 15, 2008
Although Cameron has a commanding presence, she doesn't eclipse the electric charge of her fellow musicians as scorching guitars rip through 'Won't Break Down' and pulsating bass gives 'Scattered' a knock-out punch to the chin.  View

Overground Review

September 15, 2008
Side FX can never be call predictable. Kim Cameron seduces us with her soulful tones. Contradictions doesn't sound like an independent release at all.  View

Twang Town Review

September 15, 2008
There isn't a wasted moment here; the nine cuts that populate Contradictions express real feeling with ambitious musicianship, blending together with ease and excitement.  View

Whisperin' And Hollerin' Review

September 15, 2008
9 out of 10 stars!  View