Kim Cameron's Mission


In between songwriting and touring, Kim makes it a point to perform at events which allow her to give back. Her inspiration came after meeting a disheartened soldier and hearing his story. This chance meeting lead to one of her first songs, My Hero, in honor of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to keep us all safe, and has since, has turned into yearly performances at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Then, beginning in 2010, the group wanted to do more. They devoted hundreds of hours to the injured service men and women, delivering free concerts at Veteran's Medical Centers across the country while on tour.

Kim's other main focus centers around kids. In Los Angeles, Kim performed a Christmas concert to the LA Boys and Girl's Club, giving away hundred's of toys, just in time for Christmas.  She teaches weekly at the School of Rock and helps children build an artist portfolio by including them in song and voice-over projects sponsored by her record label. 


In an effort to raise awareness for issues facing returning, active duty soldiers; children's programs; and other special causes, Kim continues to work with various organizations. Some of these are listed below.


Medical Centers


In 2010, the band toured extensively throughout the country. On the way, they stopped and performed at a dozen medical centers including Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami, Tampa, Charleston, Asheville and many others. Meeting former soldiers, even those who served in World War II were amongst the hundreds of Veterans the band shared a song or two with. Those experiences were the highlight of their tour in 2010.

The Miami Herald quoted a recreational therapist,"The show also brings a little piece of home to the patients at the hospital, and entertainment is important to veterans recuperating from physical and emotional injuries."

Also as a part of their Its Your Turn Tour, the band offered free admittance to all active duty personnel to any of their concerts across the country.


Walter Reed


Since 2009, the band has performed during Veteran's Day week at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Working with organizations like Yellow Ribbon Fund, Kim has been able to continue their efforts with raising awareness for active duty personnel and their struggles as they return home. One year, the troops gave Kim and band a special treat - custom made T Shirts direct from an Iraq-based command. The band worn them with pride during the show.

They were also featured at the National Milblogger's conference in 2009 after they released a music video My Hero dedicated to the military. 


How it started


Kim started her movement to help veterans forget about the war five years ago, when she met a soldier on a plane to Washington who was coming back from Iraq after a second Middle East tour.

``What struck me was that he was a college graduate, very smart, and could have easily taken an easy route with a corporate job. He said he wanted to serve the country because he felt it was something he wanted to do personally,'' said Cameron. ``But after all the work, he said, getting injured and coming back, nothing had changed. He said nothing he had done seemed to matter, and it just struck my soul.'' It was after she got off that plane that she decided to write a song about what she heard, she said. The song, titled My Hero, includes the lyrics:

His courage & strength. Kept us safe. Can scars heal a nation? What would that take?

Ever since, she's worked with the Veterans Administration volunteer network.

``These are probably the most rewarding experiences I've had in my entire life,'' Kim said.

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